Save Landreth Seed Co.

If you are a gardener in North America, you can be proud to be a member of a community that has been going strong since the beginning of human civilization. If you are gardening in the United States, you can claim to be part of a gardening community that has been actively growing and cultivating plants since the mid-1700s.

The D. Landreth Seed Company has been selling seeds to growers and gardeners since 1784, and claims the title of “Oldest Seed House in America.” Landreth brought some of our most beloved seed varieties to gardeners in the United States for the first time. If ever there was a company that could claim to be an American original, it’s Landreth Seed.

Landreth Seed may not be around much longer without your help. The company is in danger of closing because of a clerical error, and their lender isn’t willing to give them an extension on their loans. Landreth Seed Company needs to raise approximately $250,000 (short-term) to stay in business.

To help save an American icon, please consider purchasing a catalog, designed, published, and printed right here in the United States. You can purchase non-GMO seeds, gifts, and my personal favorite, the notecards.

(edited to update accurate funding needed to stay in business, per Landreth’s documentation)

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2 Responses to Save Landreth Seed Co.

  1. What a great idea!! Thanks for the info! I hope they pull through.

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