Welcome, Spring!

The rushing sound outside our front door isn’t a river… It’s the sound of the maple tree seeds rustling in the street. I’ve discovered that I have a healthy allergy (read: stabbing pain behind my eyeballs) to the Oak pollen that’s ripe now. And, ladies and gentlemen:

Rhubarb Leaf

We have Rhubarb! Welcome, Spring!

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2 Responses to Welcome, Spring!

  1. Debbie says:

    I just bought some ornamental rhubarb for my garden after lusting after it in other people’s gardens for years. I’m a little worried I won’t have a spot that’s moist enough for it. Do you grow yours in a fairly wet location?

    • novagardener says:

      Mine are currently in pots, but I’ll be moving them to raised beds in the near future. Everything I’ve read says “well-drained” soil, but doesn’t say that it particularly wants wet. My guess is you’ll be fine even if the spot you have is not moist.

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