What to Plant?

I sometimes struggle with trying to determine what plants are appropriate for my yard and what isn’t. Is the species native? Is the species invasive? Will the plant tolerate wet soil?

In order to pick the best, most appropriate plants, I tend to do a lot of reading and listening to other people.  If you’re not as bookish as me, you are in luck!  Several reputable sources are available online to help you choose appropriate plants for your yard.

The Metro DC Lawn and Garden Blog has culled information from a variety of great resources to help you pick native trees and shrubs or perennials and grasses.  Also check out the blog’s Links and Resources section, which contains information about butterflies and gardening for hummingbirds.

The Virginia Cooperative Extension has some excellent publications on various aspects of gardening.  And books like Native Alternatives to Invasive Plants
can be very useful resources.

What resources do you use?

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2 Responses to What to Plant?

  1. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the Metro DC links. They’re very helpful. – Cindy

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