GROW: Marigolds

As part of the SeedGROW project, I’m growing “Yellow Splash” Marigolds. These are Renee’s Garden seeds, and they are wonderful just because of that (I’ve had really great success with this brand.) Sadly, I’m not expecting much from them; because I am cursed.

I remember happily growing marigolds from seed as a little kid. You know, the Dixie cup method that you used in school when you were five? I was the champion Marigold grower. Now? I can’t get them to grow from seed to save my life.

If I buy seedlings, I have the most gorgeous, giant plants. They last forever and make my neighbors jealous. I try to grow from seed, and I get nada. I’m cautiously hopeful that this batch will prove me wrong…

Stay tuned for updates on my progress with the marigolds and other SeedGROW plants!

I’m growing with the SeedGROW project. Thanks to Reenes Garden for the seeds.

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4 Responses to GROW: Marigolds

  1. I grew these ones in cell packs, ourside, but I’ve had super luck direct sowing marigolds. If you have mulch, you don’t even have to cover the seeds with soil; I just throw them down.

  2. Bridgetdget says:

    We have loads of Marigolds growing in our polytunnel, they self-seed from year to year.

  3. mrbrownthumb says:

    Sorry to stop by so late for July’s post but since the next SeedGROW posts are published tomorrow I figured it would be a good reminder. Can’t wait to see how your plants are coming along in your August post.

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