Smart Gardening in Hot Weather

When it’s this hot out, it’s difficult to do any yard work. I pretty much leave my garden to fend for itself, with a couple of exceptions:

  • Watering my trees: Casey Trees recommends 25 gallons of water per week during the first three years of a tree’s life. It’s important to do supplemental watering when it is this hot, and particularly when the ground is this dry. Follow Casey Trees on Facebook or Twitter, and you’ll get notifications when conditions are dry and you should water.
  • Watering containers: I don’t have many containers because my gardening philosophy of “thrive or die” doesn’t really support the container lifestyle. I always try a few, but this time of the year is really tough. I try to check my containers frequently (every one or two days, depending on the weather) during the summer. If the leaves are at all droopy, it’s time to water thoroughly.

Most importantly, if you decide you need to do yard work, be safe.

  • Start early and finish early. Don’t garden in the full heat of the afternoon;
  • Drink lots of water and replace electrolytes with sports drinks or juice;
  • Wear a hat with a large brim to keep the sun off your face; and
  • Wear sunscreen

Have fun, and stay cool!

(This post will be cross-posted on Kingstowne Patch)

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