SeedGROW: C’est la vie

I’m a little bit behind the SeedGROW pack with my plants because I was out of town most of the month of June. I finally got my seeds planted in mid-July, and now I have plants ready to go out for the fall season. Of course, now I have to wait for the temperature to cool down. C’est la vie.

I haven’t planted any of the lettuce seeds yet, because it was already too hot here in VA by the time we received the seed packets. I’ll be planting these in about a month or so. The Basil and Marigolds are doing well, I am happy to report. My pictures came out completely craptastically, so you’ll have to pretend until I can take more tonight.

When I planted the Basil ‘Cameo’, I decided I would also plant the lime basil I acquired earlier this year, and some Basil’Purple Petra’ from Botanical Interests. Mind you, we already have ‘Genovese’ and some thai basil; but you can never have too many varieties. We use it all summer long, and hopefully I can get some saved for the winter.

So far, ‘Cameo’ is doing the best of the three varieties I planted in this batch. The ‘Cameo’ seeds sprouted first and had true leaves first. They are starting to produce a third set of leaves, while the other basil sprouts’ true leaves are barely bigger than the cotyledons.

I’m debating planting some seeds of both the basil and the marigolds in the ground, just to see how they do. But a) we have bunnies who ravage plants (i.e. no Kale this year) and b) it’s to frickin’ hot right now. I may try anyway. 🙂

I’m growing with the SeedGROW project. Thanks to Reenes Garden for the seeds.

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2 Responses to SeedGROW: C’est la vie

  1. I’m also in NoVA and am hoping for rain, rain, rain! I only sow seeds during spring, early summer. If next summer is like this summer I may start growing cactus!

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