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SeedGROW: C’est la vie

I’m a little bit behind the SeedGROW pack with my plants because I was out of town most of the month of June. I finally got my seeds planted in mid-July, and now I have plants ready to go out … Continue reading

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GROW: Marigolds

As part of the SeedGROW project, I’m growing “Yellow Splash” Marigolds. These are Renee’s Garden seeds, and they are wonderful just because of that (I’ve had really great success with this brand.) Sadly, I’m not expecting much from them; because … Continue reading

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SeedGROW 2011

Last year, I participated in the SeedGROW project organized by Mr. Brown Thumb. I’m participating again this year, which I’m very excited about. We’re growing three different kinds of seed this year: Basil ‘Cameo’ Lettuce ‘Garden Babies’ Marigold ‘Yellow Splash’ … Continue reading

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